Welcome to Joker's Journey with Margaret Nickelsen

Margaret NickelsenMargaret is a professional Psychic with over 34 years of experience. She reads regularly in the greater Grand Rapids area. She has taught numerous card reading/psychic development classes over the years and has written her own materials on the topic. She facilitates a monthly Sacred Message Circle at The Coptic Center.

"My first reading experience was with Maggie. I was filled with both wonderment and peace. Much of what she had to say only I knew in my inner being. I greatly look forward to our next time together"
- Claudia

Margaret's warm, open style makes her clients feel very comfortable and relaxed. Her insights regularly amaze and enlighten them. She has many repeat customers who come to her for help with difficulties or just to get insights into their feelings.

"Margaret has gifts beyond her psychic abilities. She has the warmth, honesty and integrity necessary to put her clients at ease and enjoy their experience with her."
- Jessica C. Grant, former Executive Director of the American Diabetes Association

Allow Margaret to use her expertise and years of experience to interpret your unique spread. Margaret will study the cards you choose to reveal the issues on your mind and in your heart. With the guidance of Spirit, she will speak to those issues and the options you may choose. You will be pleasantly surprised at the sensitive and enlightened guidance she will provide.

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